A Look at Responsive Mobile Navigation Menu Design

Responsie Mobile Navigation

From the onset of mobile web browsing, mobile menu design and usability has presented interesting challenges for us in the UI design world. Rollovers have become passé and well, irrelevant on touch screen devices. And speaking of “touch”, we as designers must consider our “touchable” (clickable) elements as they relate to the diameter of one’s finger.

Mobile browsing demands understandable, usable, and lightweight solutions for menu navigation schemes. It’s a simple concept – intuitive navigation that loads fast and is easy to interact with.

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7 Mistake Small Businesses Should Avoid When Designing Their Website

7 Small Business Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you are starting a new small business or redesigning your current website, your online presence is a critical part of your marketing strategy – or at least it should be.

No matter what your business is, it’s likely that your ideal customers have question, and search for answers to those questions via their web browser.

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From Photoshop to Theme: 4 Steps to Efficient Front End WordPress Development

Photoshop to Wordpress Theme

As a front end developer at Blackbird, you are often involved in more than one step of the project. You may assist with user experience, or you may contribute to the design and overall look and feel . You may even get involved in the process of launching a website which usually makes me very anxious. My favorite phase of a project, however, is the part I do best: front end development.

I love having a fresh new theme that hasn’t been marred by edits or touched with a single drop of messy code. It’s literally a blank canvas on which anything can be painted.

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