How to Create Web Mockups Quickly in Photoshop

Free Web Mockup PSD

Are you a marketing professional or even a designer looking for a to kickoff your web design ideas? We developed this web design mockup kit just for you.

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Mobile Apps for the “On-the-Go” Design & Marketing Professional

Mobile Apps for Marketers

With more than a million apps available to you for your phones and tablets, there’s a boat-load of apps geared towards us in the design and marketing industry. Well, we’ve got our favorites and would like to share them with you. Here’s a short list of our favorite design and marketing productivity apps.


As one of the first adopters of back in 2004, it’s safe to say we find Basecamp as a great system for managing projects and maintaining communication between our team and our clients.  It worked when  we were just a one man show and continues to work as we build our team, so we continue to use it even 11 years later. Organize by client, interact with discussion boards, add calendars and todo lists –  stay on top of your workload and have all the necessary content and communication all in one place.

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Why Microsoft’s Latest Browser Has Web Developers on Edge

Microsoft Edge Browser

When Microsoft announced the discontinuation of Internet Explorer earlier this year, many web design and development professionals like us cried tears of joy. When they later announced that they will no longer support IE7 and IE8 January, 2016 we rejoiced – “there is a Santa Claus”!

Good riddance Internet Explorer! So-long to the days of workarounds, tricks, and all out hacks just to make a website that works perfect in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, render (somewhat) the same way in IE.

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