7 Tips to Getting Better Lead Generation from Your Website

Tips for Better Lead Generation

When it comes down to it, your website is only as good as it’s latest performance. Your website should be designed with specific measurable goals in mind right from the start. If your goal is to convert your visitors into customers, lead generation is critical. The more leads you can generate, the more opportunities you will have to connect with a real person who is interested enough to tell you a little something about themselves.

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Five Tips for Creating Accessible PDF Documents

Tips for creating accessible pdf documents

Creating accessible documents quite simply means making your documents accessible to those with disabilities through the use of assisted technology (e.g. screen readers). Further, the amended Section 508 of the United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires Federal agencies to make all of their electronic and information technology accessible.

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7 Google Chrome Addons Every Digital Marketer Should Have

7 Chrome Addons for Digital Marketers

Like many digital marketers, I prefer using Google Chrome™. I don’t know exactly when or the big reason why, but at some point I made the decision to dump Firefox and go with Google.

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Our Inbound Marketing Effort for this Custom Home Builder (so far)

Inbound Marketing for Home Builders

When we first engaged with ProBuilt Homes, a Cleveland, Ohio area custom home builder, it was obvious and not much of a surprise that their President George Davis was organize and detailed oriented, very much like the homes they build.

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Why Your Next Website Redesign Should Adopt a Growth-Driven Design Process

Growth-Driven Design

So it’s been a few years… or maybe it’s been even longer since you embarked on a website redesign. If you’re responsible for sales and marketing of your business, and it’s “that time again”, then you’re pretty familiar with the drill. You draft requirements, research agency options, interview and convey your needs to them, make your selection, and somewhere between three to five months later – voila, you have you brand-spanking new website.

Aside from training, and maybe a nip and tuck here or there, your web design agency seems to rides off into the sunset until you’re ready for another site redesign a couple years down the line.

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