Front-End Workflow with Grunt, Part 1

Front-end Development Workflow with Grunt

Hello! I’m Cory, the newest member of the Blackbird development team. With Halloween just past, I’m going to kick off my first post by talking about something scary: front-end workflows.

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5 WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without

Must Have Wordpress Plugins

We have built lots and lots of WordPress websites over the years. We are all about practical solutions for our clients especially when it comes to site management. For many of our clients, WordPress is the right choice for a simple and effective content management system that’s powerful easy to learn.

As experienced and active WordPress users and frequent contributors to the WordPress community, our team has used countless WordPress plugins – some great, and others well, not so great. Here’s five of our favorite, “can’t live without” WordPress plugins we use in just about every WordPress site we create.

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New Data Shows Why the Size of Your Marketing Budget Might Not Matter

Size of Marketing Budget May Not Matter

The title of this article should come as good news to you if you are, like many marketers, part of a team that often thinks to themselves “if I only had a larger marketing budget, I could… (fill in the blank)”.

It’s true that increased marketing budgets are in many cases tough to fight for. In times of uncertainty, marketing dollars are often the first to be cut. Boy, what we could prove if we just had more to spend.

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Choosing the Right Match Types for Your AdWord Keywords

adword keyword match types

If you are using Google Search Network in AdWords for paid search, you have surely added keywords to your ad groups within your campaigns. For those of you that are new to AdWords, ad groups are sets of similar ads within an AdWord campaign, which also contains a set of the keywords in which you would like to ad to be triggered.

By default, the keywords that you ad to your ad group are set to a “broad match” match type. There are additional match types you can choose, along with modifications to match types, that give you more control on what searches trigger your ads.

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What Comes After the Dot? Consider Using a New gTLD for Your Domain

What comes after the dot.

Unless you lived on a deserted island for the past 20 years, you are surely familiar with the standard .com, .net,  .org, and even .us or .biz domain extensions or “top level domains”. And if you have been paying close attention, you may have also noticed more and more new domain name extensions popping up on the web.

If you think about it, I’m sure you can come-up with a number of TLDs, aside from the standards listed above. There’s even different categories of TLDs. ICANN identifies them as:

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